Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference

March 22, 2025

Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center

800 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308


Registration for ASPC25 will open later this year, after all speakers are recruited.



Speaker applications must be received by July 1, 2024 and will only be considered from current members of the Atlanta Writers Club (you must keep your membership up to date through March 22, 2025). To join or renew your membership so you can apply for a speaker spot, click here.


Speaker presentations will be 45 minutes in total, including time for Q&A, and must be delivered in-person at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Due to limited scheduling slots, 3-4 speakers on related topics might be placed into a panel for a group discussion, so please indicate on the form whether you are only interested in doing a solo talk, are open to participating on a panel, or prefer to participate on a panel instead of doing a solo talk. Please also indicate whether you would like to moderate a panel.


*Only submissions received by July 1, 2024 will be considered for ASPC 2025.


Please note: Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) will pay a speaker honorarium of $100 for a solo talk and $25 for panel participation (including as moderator). AWC will not cover speaker travel, meals, or parking for ASPC 2025.

Please read the following tips and information before you propose your specific session(s):

  • You must be an author with at least one book self-published and a minimum of 50 reviews averaging 4.0 or more on Amazon or Goodreads for that book. Applicants with more reviews will be given preference.
  • All proposals must be self-publishing-focused and educational in nature about ways to build readership and/or sell more books. You can cite personal experience with your book(s), but your talk must not be an infomercial.
  • All sessions must be original and tactical in content and offer clear, actionable takeaways/session learning objectives for attendees.
  • A PowerPoint slide presentation is required for all solo talks.

To submit your application detailing proposed topic(s), learning objectives, talking points, etc., please click here.


Once the conference is ready to launch later in 2024, complete details and registration will be available here: