2020 Atlanta Writers Club Writing Contest



Each award carries a $300 cash prize, a plaque, and publication in The New Southern Fugitives. Winners will be announced at our club meeting on April 18, 2020.


CONTEST CATEGORIES:                       

Terry Kay Prize for Fiction               (Maximum, 3000 words)       

Rick Bragg Prize for Nonfiction        (Maximum, 3000 words)

Natasha Trethewey Prize for Poetry      (Maximum, 90 lines)



  1. The AWC 2020 Writing Contest is open to: All current, paid club members (current through the April 18, 2020 award date). If you’re unsure of your membership status, before submitting your entry please contact Membership VP Yvonne Green. (To join AWC or renew your membership, please go to https://atlantawritersclub.org/regular-membership/.)
  2. Submissions must be original, unpublished, and previously un-awarded work.
  3. Entrants may submit only one piece to only one category per contest year.



Midnight, March 21, 2020. Submissions received after this date will automatically be ineligible.



Manuscript Format. Failure to adhere to the following format will result in disqualification.

  • DO NOT place your name anywhere on the manuscript entry
  • Only Word files (.docx) will be accepted.
  • Font: 12 pt, Black, Times New Roman
  • Margins: 1 inch
  • Line spacing: double – yes, even for poetry.
  • White background (no colors, photos, graphics or images)
  • Page size & layout: 8-1/2 x 11; Portrait
  • First page: Title and Prize Category should appear in the upper left corner





Failure to adhere to any of the submission guidelines will lead to disqualification.


Send ONE ENTRY and the corresponding Standard Submission Form (SSF) to nanette@wordsofpassion.com.

There is no template for the SSF; you create the document yourself (see below) and send it as a separate attachment. The entry and SSF both must be sent as attached Word documents (.docx). The SSF is used for identification purposes by Clay Ramsey only. Judges never know the identity of any author; they see only the blind entry document.

IMPORTANT: Name the document files by title, i.e. Title.docx and SSF-Title.docx

Example: if the entry title is Moon Fire, the document file should be named Moon Fire.docx (this is the document that will be sent to the judges) and the SSF should be named SSF-Moon Fire.docx (this is the document that will be seen only by Clay Ramsey).


Standard Submission Form (SSF):

The SSF must include the following information:

Author’s Name

Prize Category

Title of Entry

Word Count (Line Count for poetry)

Named the document: SSF-Title.docx


Attach the entry document and your SSF document to an email addressed to Contest Apprentice Nanette Littlestone at nanette@wordsofpassion.com Your EMAIL MESSAGE MUST INCLUDE:

Subject Line: AWC 2020 Writing Contest

Your name, phone number, prize category, title


Dear Nanette,

I have attached [Title] for the [Prize Category] and the corresponding SSF.

Thank you,

[Your name]

[Your phone number]


For questions, please contact Officer Emeritus and VP of Contests, Awards, & Scholarships Clay Ramsey at chramse@gmail.com.